Plugin Updates 131~

A bug fix is made for Actor Variables today for those who are using the command order function for the Status Menu Core. Previously, putting the ‘variables’ string in the command window line wouldn’t place the command in the right place, but now it will!

But the ATB and CTB plugins get a small change. The “Turn Start” turn counter will now update upon the arrival of the battler’s turn instead of after selecting an action for it. While I originally kept it until after selecting an action to mimic the default battle system’s way of doing it, it’s not hard to realize this causes more confusion otherwise. Though “Turn Start” isn’t exactly viable for tick-based battle systems like ATB and CTB, there are still niche uses for it, which benefit better from the way it’s handled if the state turn update is moved to the arrival of an actor’s turn.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.03.16~

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Battle System – ATB v1.23

Battle System – CTB v1.13

Actor Variables v1.03

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