Plugin Updates 136~

The Counter Control plugin gets a fix that caused the default MV counter to not occur. Counter-Attacks still occurred, but this change should fix it for those who would still like to use the default counter.

Smart Jump gets a new feature. The ‘Equal Region’ parameter now allows you to define height related jumps making it possible to jump across what was previously blocked jumps due to tile passability settings. List all the region ID’s you’d like to use to mark height within the ‘Equal Regions’ plugin parameter. You can insert multiple regions. Separate them with a space.

When the player is standing on a region that’s listed in the Equal Regions plugin parameter and attempts to smart jump onto an area blocked by tileset passability, if the region the player is jumping from is the same region ID as the region the player intends to go through, the jump becomes legal. Observe the screenshot:


In the screenshot above, Region 12 is a marked “Equal Region” which allows the player to jump onto the otherwise unjumpable region areas. The player can jump onto those regions because the tile that the player is standing on matches the tile that the player is jumping onto. Equal Regions will also allow you to jump through otherwise illegal tiles. This can allow you to construct height related map puzzles provided that you use the Equal Regions properly.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.03.24~

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Counter Controlv1.01

Smart Jump v1.01

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