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Bide is a skill from Pokémon. When used, the user cannot act for 2-3 turns. During this time, if the user takes damage, the damage is stored. Once the Bide effect ends, the stored damage is dealt two-fold back at the enemies.

You can get the copy/paste code here: 

<Custom Apply Effect>
// Upon applying Bide, set the Bide damage to 0.
user._bide = 0;
</Custom Apply Effect>

<Custom Respond Effect>
// Check if the target took any HP damage.
if (target.result().hpDamage > 0) {
  // If the target did, raise the Bide damage by the HP damage taken.
  target._bide += target.result().hpDamage;
</Custom Respond Effect>

<Custom Remove Effect>
// Check if the party is in battle.
if ($gameParty.inBattle()) {
// Play animation 97 on the user.
// Calculate the damage. The damage dealt is equal to 2x Bide damage.
var damage = Math.ceil(user._bide * 2);
// Get the group of alive enemies.
var enemies = user.opponentsUnit().aliveMembers();
// Loop through each of the enemies.
for (var i = 0; i < enemies.length; ++i) {
  // Get the enemy.
  var enemy = enemies[i];
  // Play animation 107 on the enemy.
  // Make the enemy take damage.
  // Prompt the enemy's damage popup.
  // Clear the results of the enemy taking damage.
  // Check if the enemy is dead.
  if (enemy.isDead()) {
    // If the enemy is dead, make it collapse.
// Reset the Bide damage value.
user._bide = 0;

} // Check if the party is in battle.
</Custom Remove Effect>

Happy Biding!

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