Plugin Updates 187~

A lot of plugins got updated tonight. Most of which are optimization updates to make the game consume less resources.

The Battle Engine Core is updated to have Forced Action Sequencing work more efficiently as well fix a bug that caused Action Times+ traits to not work properly in DTB.

The Animated Sideview Battlers plugin gets updated to work more efficiently. Enemies that have notetags making them use sideview battlers will “erase” their static battler image when the game itself runs. This is so that the engine doesn’t utilize both the statics (which will never be seen) and the animated battler image (which will always be seen when used). Less resources used means smoother gameplay.

The Battle Select Cursor is optimized to consume less resources. It will now consume even less resources when not visible.

The Battle Status Window is also optimized to redraw faces only when necessary, consuming less resources in the process.

The State Categories gets a small update. States with the <Category: Bypass Death Removal> notetag can now be added to already dead battlers. Previously, being dead nullified being able to acquire any kind of new state period. This category will now allow you to bypass that restriction.

The Party Limit Gauge gets a bug fixed that didn’t apply the ‘Party Max Bonus’ parameter properly. This update now fixes that.

The Common Event Menu gets two new plugin parameters: ‘EnableCommonEventMenuCancel’ and ‘EnableCommonEventMenuConfirm’ for users who don’t wish to clear out their whole common event menu.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.06.23~

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To download all available plugins, click here.

The Save Core and FPS Synch Option plugins got updates but nothing worth warranting a version up. They were updated now with a check that if your project’s version of RPG Maker MV’s core code isn’t version 1.1.0 or higher, the plugin will simply not run the project until the project is updated to it. This update is to reduce the number of users who simply do not read the instructions that are nothing more than a couple of lines away from the download link in RED TEXT, but decide they would like to report it as a bug on the support threads. You guys know who you are.