Plugin Updates 188~

Quite a good number of updates tonight. Some of which are bug fixes while others have new features added:

The Class Change Core and Subclass plugins get a new notetag: <Use Nickname> notetag for classes. If this notetag is used inside of a class’s notebox, the class display name will show the actor’s nickname instead of the class’s name.

The Buffs & States Core gets a new parameter: Show Buff Rate. This will display the current buff or debuff rate on the buff icon. If an actor is reduced to have 75% ATK, it will display 75% on the icon. If the actor is buffed to 125%, it will display 125%.

The Damage Core had a lot of the earlier damage steps revamped. If you’re updating from an old version, please update the these manually:

  • Step 1: baseDamage = this.modifyBaseDamage(value, baseDamage, target);
  • Step 2: baseDamage *= this.calcElementRate(target);
  • Steps 3 through 5: (empty)
  • Step 6: critical = this.modifyCritical(critical, baseDamage, target);
  • Step 7: target.result().critical = critical;
  • Step 8: value = baseDamage;

This change was made to Element Absorb and Disperse Damage better. This damage step change is also more efficient in calculating damage effects that alters the baseDamage.

Selection Control gets a few new features. I’ve added ‘Physical Weapon Range’ and ‘Default Weapon Range’ parameters. These parameters are used for the new Select Condition: ‘Weapon Range’, which will determine the range of a skill based on the weapon’s range (melee or ranged) and allow which enemies the battler can select. I’ve also added <Weapon Ranged> for Skills and Items. This will make the skill/item be range dependent on the weapon equipped (or if the enemy is ranged) and <Melee> and <Ranged> notetags added for weapons and enemies. This will give weapons and enemies melee or ranged attributes.

Weapon Animation had a bug that caused the <Weapon Animation: x> notetag to not work when used by enemies. It’s now fixed.

For the Party System, I’ve fixed a bug that caused party members to not index themselves properly in battle. When in battle, actor index will now refer to the index of their battle member positions.

The Row Formation plugin also gets a documentation update for ‘SetEnemyRow slotId x’ plugin command.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.06.27~

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