Plugin Update #189~

There’s quite a few updates today.

The Message Core plugin gets a new plugin parameter: the ‘Name Box Close’ plugin parameter. If this is enabled, the message window will check for the Name Window speaker each time a follow up message occurs. If the name in the currently Name Window matches the name in the following Name Window, the message window will remain open. If it doesn’t, the Name Window will close and reopen to indicate a new speaker.

Animated Sideview Enemies gets a bug fixed. Previously hidden animated battlers will now no longer appear earlier than usual.

Battle A.I. Core gets a compatibility bug fixed that caused certain conditions to bypass taunts.

For the Selection Control, the target selection process has sorting algorithm changed to better fit actors based on their visual position on the screen.

The Equip Core gets an optimization update.

Auto Passive States gets new plugin parameters: the ‘Actor Passives’ and ‘Enemy Passives’ plugin parameters. This will cause all actors and enemies respectively to be affected by the listed states as passives.

Fixed a bug in Actor Party Switch that caused subsequent battles to have actors appear in the wrong positions.

Row Formations gets a feature update: Updated <Default Row: x> notetag to also include <Default Row: x, x, x> so that actors or enemies can start in any of those default rows. If multiple rows are included, then at the start of the game (for actors) or start of battle (for enemies), the battler will start in a random row included.

Swap Enemies also gets a feature update: if a swap enemy swaps into another swap enemy, it will then draw out a swap target from that enemy for up to 100 loops.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.07.03~

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