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Stormflurry is an effect from the World of Warcraft, which when applied to the user, will give skills a small chance to deal additional damage. And then, that additional damage has a small chance to deal additional damage! Yep, you read that right! Damage that deals damage. Here’s how we can recreate that effect in RPG Maker MV!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: 

Insert the following Lunatic Mode code into your Stormflurry state’s notebox. Change the values in red to reflect your game’s settings.

<Custom Establish Effect>
// Create empty pools for skills and skipp types.
var skills = [];
var skillTypes = [];
// Insert the skills this passive can be used with.
skills.push(681, 689, 697, 705, 713, 719);
// Insert the skill types this passive can be used with.
// Check if the action is a skill, the skill pool contain the skill or if the skill type pool contains the skill's type
if (this.isSkill() && (skills.contains(this.item().id)) || skillTypes.contains(this.item().stypeId)) {
  // Check if the target exists and has suffered HP damage
  if (target && target.result() && target.result().hpDamage > 0) {
    // Make a copy of the target's original action results
    var originalResult = JsonEx.makeDeepCopy(target._result);
    // Clear those results
    // Calculate the extra damage
    var extraDmg = Math.ceil(0.40 * originalResult.hpDamage);
    // Calculate the success rate to deal extra damage
    var successRate = 0.20;
    // Make the number of times struck
    var struck = 0;
    // Set the maximum number of times the action can be struck
    var maxHits = 5;
    // Make a loop
    for (;;) {
      // Check if the target is alive and the action has passed the success rate
      if (target.isAlive() && Math.random() < successRate) {
        // Increase the number of times struck by 1
        struck += 1;
        // Make the target receive damage
        // Show the damage popup
        // Check if the target is dead
        if (target.isDead()) {
          // Make the target collapse
        // Clear the target's results
        // Check if the number of times struck has hit the maximum
        if (struck >= maxHits) {
          // If it did, break the loop
      // If the extra damage success rate fails
      } else {
        // Then break the loop
    // If the number of times struck is greater than 0
    if (struck > 0) {
      // Then play an animation on the target
    // Revert the target's results back to its original results
    target._result = originalResult;
</Custom Establish Effect>


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