The Monster Challenge – CONTEST – Lunatic Server


**The Monster Challenge:**
By Fusegu: This is the rough draft for a contest starting in October; Feel free to leave feedback and questions until the 1st. We’ll update the rules with FAQs and changes as needed. Thanks inVictor for giving me the opportunity to participate in the community in this way.

The challenge is to create a SHORT playable game focused on a monster of your design and creation.

*The Learning/Mechanical Goal of the Challenge:*
— Creating a memorable monster or boss.
— You can focus on mechanics, art, writing or all of them – all will be judged and awarded points.

*The Theme of the Monster Challenge:*
–All Hallow’s Eve is coming up in October and thus, make your game spooky and dark as you want.

*The Timing:*
Contest Starts: 10/01 at 00:00 UTC
Contest Ends: 10/23 at 21:45 UTC
Judging will be streamed as much as possible during the week of 10/23, finished by 10/31.

*The Rules:*
— Contest games are considered Commercial when referring to Terms of Use.
— You can use any resources, so long as credit and terms are followed to the letter.
— Project must be started on the contest start date. Any custom resources must be started at this date too. Other wise you need to show they were available for use publicly prior to the contest.
— This can be a team project: UP TO three team members.
— An executable game file must be linked to the Lunatic Server by time time limit to qualify.

*The Judging:*
​​Judges are being recruited, but will be a combination of moderators from the Lunatic and Contest Lounge servers.

Games will be played up to 40 minutes, completion, or a game crashing bug.

There will be a total of 40 points
–Theme (5 points) – How well did your story represent Halloween?
–Writing (10 Points) – Did the story/dialog help engage with the monster?
​–Art (10 points): Did the art and look of the game help with the monster?
​​–Mechanics (10 points) – How complicated and fun were the mechanics of your monster?
–Overall (5 Points) – How playable was the actual game?
–Bonus Fun Points (5 points)

*The Prizes:*
​I’d like to have more prizes; however am limited by own resources. If you want to help out, PM me and let me know. Officially, the winners and prizes will be rewarded as follows.

3 winners total;
These are team prizes.
–Overall (wins $30.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of their choice) – ​Grand Prize winner with the highest objective score
​–Runner up ($20.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of their choice) – ​ Second place winner with the second highest score
–People’s Choice ($20.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of team’s choice) – Voting will take place on the Lunatic Server. Most votes wins.

Thanks! 😀

Happy RPG Making!

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