Skip Cutscene plugin by Fallen Angel Olivia

Our talented plugin creator friend Fallen Angel Olivia has finished making the Skip Cutscene plugin for RPG Maker MV! With it, you can now skip cutscenes, Octopath-style!

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that provides the functionality to skip ahead in a cutscene. This is a quality of life addition for players that may have played a certain scene already and would like to skip ahead. The player would hold the cancel button (X on the keyboard or Right Click on the mouse) if the ability to skip the cutscene is available. By holding it until the skip gauge is full, the scene skips forward to the next available section.

This is a paid plugin that will be sold for $9.99. Since the plugin just launched, it will be 20% off for a week at $7.99! Be sure to grab it!