Action Cutin plugin by Atelier Irina


Our visual novel loving friend, Atelier Irina, made a new plugin! This time, for Action Cutins! They can be used in battle for epic skill attacks or on the map scene for some Phoenix Wright style OBJECTIONs!

     This RPG Maker MV plugin lets you add action cutins display actor and enemy faces in a cutout box with speedlines going through the back. It can be used inside and outside of battle provided that you use the right notetags and/or script calls with them. It can be used to put emphasis on which actor or enemy is currently performing an action or it can be solely used for very strong attacks. The choice is yours.

     You will be able to customize how action cutins look for each facet of a skill or item or even make templates when used with multiple battlers at a time. You can also choose what graphic to use for each actor/enemy when a cutin appears, as well as the scaling, the offsets, and anti-aliasing.

     Those who lack the time and/or ability to make their own graphics for cutins, don’t worry. This plugin will automatically convert face graphics and enemy graphics* into a usable form for cutin effects as it will work right out of the box as long as you download the Speedlines graphic that comes with this plugin.

*Note: The automatic conversion will not be applied to animated Dragonbones battlers because that’s a whole different animal to tackle and you’re better off using still graphics for that.

It will be on sale for a week. You can buy it here!