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This plugin requires the Status Menu Core. This plugin adds a new ‘Profile’ command to the Status Menu where the player can read up on the actor’s biography. Pictures can be added in. Text can be updated mid-game, too!


This plugin requires YEP_StatusMenuCore.js.
Place this plugin under YEP_StatusMenuCore.js in the Plugin Manager.

This plugin adds a new ‘Profile’ command to the Status Menu where the player can read up on the actor’s biography. Pictures can be added in. Text can be updated mid-game, too!


The following notetags are used for actors specifically to alter the profile page properties for the Status Menu.

Actor Notetags:
<Profile Text>
</Profile Text>
Changes the profile text from the default profile text to the text used in between the two notetags. You can use text codes for the text here. Word wrap is not supported.

<Profile Image: filename>
If you wish to associate a profile image for the actor, replace ‘filename’ with the filename of a picture located in your img/pictures folder. Do not include the file extension. If your image is Aldo.png, just use ‘Aldo’ and do not include the ‘.png’ extension.

<Profile Image Align: Left>
<Profile Image Align: Center>
<Profile Image Align: Right>
If you wish to use a different alignment from the one in the plugin’s parameter settings, you can use these notetags. If you use a nonexistant word, then the right alignment will be decided by default.

Plugin Commands

The following plugin commands can be used to alter an actor’s profile page.

Plugin Commands:

ClearProfileText actorId
This will clear out all of actorId’s profile text.

AddProfileText actorId text
This will add to actorId’s profile text the line of text.

ProfileTextLine lineIndex actorId text
This will change the specific lineIndex of the profile text for actorId to display a specific text. For example, if you wish to the 50th line of the profile text for actor 3 to ‘Hello World’, you’ll write this out as the plugin command: ProfileTextLine 49 3 Hello World

ProfileImage actorId filename
This will change the profile image for actorId to filename without the file extension. For example, if you wish to change actor 3’s profile image to Aldo.png, you’ll write out this as the plugin command:  ProfileImage 3 Aldo

ProfileImageAlign actorId align
This will change the profile image alignment for actorId. Replace ‘align’ with ‘left’, ‘center’, or ‘right’ without the quotes. If a nonexistant word is used for the alignment, then the right alignment will be used. If you wish to make the image aligned to the left for actor 3, you’ll use: ProfileImageAlign 3 Left


Happy RPG Making!



Happy RPG Making!

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