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This plugin enables you to bind common events to the individual buttons on your keyboard. Instead of having the standard Z for OK and X for cancel, you can make other keys work differently. With the exception of important keys that shouldn’t be altered, nearly full access is given across the span of the keyboard.

*NOTE: If you have Keyboard Config installed before installing this plugin, you may notice that your binded button keys aren’t working. This is actually not true. This is because your configuration is saved without the binded keys to them. Either delete the config file from your Saves folder or go into your Keyboard Config in-game and revert back to the default keyboard setting to reapply them.


This plugin enables you to bind common events to the individual buttons on your keyboard. Instead of having the standard Z for OK and X for cancel, you can make other keys work differently. With the exception of important keys that shouldn’t be altered, nearly full access is given across the span of the keyboard.


In the plugin’s parameters, you will see a list of all the keys that you can bind to a common event. If that number is something other than 0, then the number associated with it will be the common event that will run. If you assign it to a common event ID that does not exist, you will get an error so please be wary of that.

You may also notice that some of the keys have in parenthesis a word like (OK) or (Cancel) next to them. What this means is that those keys already have a function assigned to them by the game. If you assign a common event to these keys, the native function of the key will be removed in favor of the common event you’ve assigned.

Here is a list of the keys that already have a common assigned:

Key – What they’re assigned to

– Q – Assigned to PageUp
– W – Assigned to PageDown
– Shift – Assigned to Dash
– Z – Assigned to OK
– X – Assigned to Cancel
– Space – Assigned to OK
– Left – Assigned to moving left
– Up – Assigned to moving up
– Right – Assigned to moving right
– Down – Assigned to moving down
– Insert – Assigned to Cancel
– Page Up – Assigned to PageUp
– Page Down – Assigned to PageDown
– Numpad 0 – Assigned to Cancel
– Numpad 2 – Assigned to moving down
– Numpad 4 – Assigned to moving left
– Numpad 6 – Assigned to moving right
– Numpad 8 – Assigned to moving up

Once again, if you assign common events to these keys, the common event will removing the binding the key had natively. However, this will only apply while the player is in the field map. Being inside of a menu or battle system will restore the previously native functions.

Compatibility Issues

This plugin will most likely have compatibility issues with anything that alters keystrokes or makes use of them through a different manner.

This will include the KeyboardConfig.js that was provided for the RPG Maker MV plugin pack made by Yanfly Engine Plugins. A future revision of the KeyboardConfig.js will be made to accomodate the changes made by this plugin to give better control and access.

Plugin Commands

For those who would like for a way to toggle back and forth between the bound common events and the default buttons, use these plugin commands.

Plugin Commands

RevertButton Ok
RevertButton Cancel
RevertButton Dash
RevertButton PageUp
RevertButton PageDown
RevertButton Left
RevertButton Up
RevertButton Right
RevertButton Down
RevertButton All
– Reverts all keys bound to any of the original functions back to their original buttons and unbinds the common events bound to them. If the “All” function is reverted, then all affected buttons will revert back to their original functions.

SwitchButton Ok
SwitchButton Cancel
SwitchButton Dash
SwitchButton PageUp
SwitchButton PageDown
SwitchButton Left
SwitchButton Up
SwitchButton Right
SwitchButton Down
SwitchButton All
– Switches all keys with original functions to use the common event binds instead of their original versions. If the “All” function is switched, then all affected buttons will switch to common event bindings if there are any.

TriggerButton Ok
TriggerButton Cancel
TriggerButton Dash
TriggerButton PageUp
TriggerButton PageDown
TriggerButton Left
TriggerButton Up
TriggerButton Right
TriggerButton Down
– This will cause the game to simulate triggering the button command of one of those original functions even if there is a common event bound to all of the keys of that original function.

Happy RPG Making!




Happy RPG Making!

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