Plugin Updates: 2017.01.08

We have a couple of plugin updates for today!

The Equip Battle Skills gets an update which added a new check to remove equipped battle skills from skills that were manually forgotten, unequipping items, or removing states.

Region Events gets an update that corrected an issue that would cause a region event to repeatedly trigger if the mouse button is held down on the player.

The Battle A.I. Core gets a completely new feature: multiple conditions! This has been asked time and time again, but it couldn’t have been done without reworking the way the Battle A.I. Core worked as a base. Setting up multiple conditions is relatively simple to do and still follows the ‘condition: SKILL x, target’ format.

To add multiple conditions, simply insert a +++ between each condition like the following examples:

Switch 1 on +++ Switch 2 on: Fire, Lowest HP%
Turn 3 > 1 +++ Variable 5 <= 100 +++ Switch 3 on: Ice, Lowest HP%
Random 50% +++ Highest Party Level > 50: Thunder, Highest HP%

In the above examples, all the conditions must be met in order for the selected skills to be considered for use.

For conditions that have strict targeting groups, the targeting group will end up becoming the combination of all of the strict targeting groups. For example:

STATE === Blind +++ STATE === Fear: Dark, Lowest HP%

In this example, the enemy will only use the ‘Dark’ skill on a target that is both affected by ‘Blind’ and ‘Fear’. If there are multiple targets, then the target with the lowest HP% will become the target the enemy will cast the ‘Dark’ on.

STATE !== Blind +++ ATK param >= 150: Darkness, Highest ATK

In the above example, the enemy will use the ‘Darkness’ skill against any target that isn’t blinded and has an ATK parameter of at least 150. If there are multiple targets, then the enemy will first cast ‘Darkness’ on the target with the highest ATK before casting it on a target with a lower ATK.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2017.01.08~

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