RPG Maker MV 1.3.5 Update!


The RPG Maker MV 1.3.5 update is out! You can download it and read about the new features here.

The following below will be code changes made to the RPG Maker MV source for anyone who is interested: 


  • Some comments removed from the code
  • New function added to determine if the TouchInput is mouse pressed as opposed to just universally pressed by either a mouse or tablet screen.
  • WebAudio._setupEventHandlers updated to fix sound not starting bug


  • AudioManager.shouldUseHtml5Audio updated to now always return false (in other words, disabled)


  • Game_Temp.initialize function updated now to start off the game with the map touch flag set to false
  • Game_Temp.isMapTouched and Game_Temp.setIsMapTouched functions added
  • Game_Player.updateDashing function updated now to set dashing if the the map is being touched to simulate running rather than automatically running*

*NOTE: This is currently what I believe to be bugged and doesn’t work as intended as based per the code.


  • Some comments removed from the code
  • Scene_Map.processMapTouch function updated to utilize the Map Touch functions added in Game_Temp.*

*NOTE: This is currently what I believe to be bugged and doesn’t work as intended as based per the code.


  • No changes made


  • No changes made

So based on what I can see, this should be safe to update. I don’t foresee any plugins losing compatibility with RPG Maker MV from updating to 1.3.5. However, do note that because of this update, click-moving on the map will no longer put the player character in an auto-run state. Instead, the player will walk if Auto-Dash is disabled and run if Auto-Dash is enabled. Holding down the mouse seems to do nothing for walking or running midway through a screen press. However, this isn’t high priority for me to fix if it is deemed as an intentional action. I’ll have to ask around first to see if that’s the case.

Happy RPG Making!