Eternal Conquest – The Great War


One of our fellow RPG Makers, ACE, has just recently released his game! Be sure to take a look!

Eternal Conquest the Great War has several “killer app” style features designed to immerse the player into a new and unique experience while remaining true to the expectations of the “classic RPG style”.

  • Revolutionary Season, date, and time specific content
  • Revolutionary Geographic specific content (similar to Pokémon Go)
  • 180 Hours of Play • Three Different Worlds
  • 10 to 20 playable characters
  • Classic Theme More information can be seen at the official website.

Please consider supporting us by pledging or pre-ordering at our crowdfunding website.

Official Facebook Page

Twitter: @realectgw

Eternal Conquest also made the Front Page of the Money Section of the regional newspaper where the developer is based. A PDF replica of the article can be seen here.