Colossal Conquest


Our buddy, Swift Illusion, has made an entry for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017!

‘Battle against a boss and their minions in a dynamic and evolving challenge that still rewards careful observation and planning’


  • A tutorial boss that gives you an interactive introduction to the core knowledge you will need to succeed in future possible conquests.
  • An overarching Boss ‘mindset’ that you can observe to help plan current and future actions you should take.
  • A twist on the common rock>paper>scissors that creates an additional layer to guide who might want to target, while doubling as a way to plan what monster could give you the most trouble in the future.
  • A shared method across all your characters to recover health during battle that creates a balance of risk, reward and thoughtful timing.
  • Characters that grow inside the battle, with a focused pair of techniques you can learn at the most opportune time, or when you aren’t busy surviving.