Sacred Earth – Promise (Official Trailer) – by Sacred Star Team

Our friends at the Sacred Star Team, including the extremely talented MirageV, have a game they would like to share with us!

A warrior stands alone. A promise is forgotten. Today, that will change …

A mischievous mercenary from wintry Garenia and her long-suffering sister set aside their differences to compete in a tournament of arms. But when an old friend appears in the company of mysterious relic hunters, the past can no longer be denied. Sacred Earth – Promise is a four- to six-hour visual novel/RPG experience set within a fantasy world of floating continents and ancient ruins, with a dynamic custom battle system and a compelling cast of characters.


· Three playable characters with their own animated sprites and special attacks.

· Tactical, fast-paced combat: Utilize multiple-hit Chain attacks to build up your EX Gauge and expend it to unleash powerful Burst attacks or heal with EX Recover.

· Two ways to explore: transition between traditional tile maps and the original boardgame-style Symbol Map system for dungeon navigation. Manage your Travel Points to evade traps and gain the initiative in battles, and enjoy party interactions in the field.

– 10 side quests, including clever puzzles and challenging optional battles.

– 21 full-color CGs.

· An engaging presentation with moving portraits that displays conversations between up to four characters at once, with anytime-save and backlog features.

· Fully explore the game’s world and quests and unlock the true ending.

Download the Demo on Steam!