Fantasy Facegen Vol.1 by Mimo

Another one of our community’s talented artists have made something new for us. Though this time, it’s…. believe it or not, more face generator parts!

This Assets Pack features some new additions to RPG Maker MV’s robust Face Generator. The first of its series with future additions planned, in this you will find both Adult and Kid Male as listed :

  • 2 Face shapes
  • 2 Noses
  • 6 Mouths
  • 7 Eyes
  • 6 Brows
  • 9 Facial Marks
  • 10 Front Hair
  • 10 Rear Hair
  • 11 Accessories

To be able to use these assets in your RPG Maker MV project you MUST own a legal copy of RPG Maker MV . You must also adhere to KADOKAWA’s terms of use when using these assets.

You can purchase the parts here!