YEP.39 – Battle Statistics

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Ever wanted to log the battle statistics of your actors over the course of the entire gameplay? Well, now you can!

This bonus plugin requires the Status Menu Core plugin.


This plugin requires YEP_StatusMenuCore. Make sure this plugin is located under YEP_StatusMenuCore in the plugin list.

If you wish to place the Battle Statistics tab in the Status Menu in a specific spot, place ‘Statistics’ without the quotes in the Status Menu Core’s Command Order parameter. If it’s not present there, it will automatically order itself in the ‘Custom’ tab.


This plugin is plug-and-play. All battle information will be recorded in the Battle Statistics tab. The information will be as follows:

Battles Initiated
How many battles the actor was present in the starting party and what ratio.

Displays information about how many kills, deaths, and assists performed by the actor overall. Kills rise when the actor defeats an enemy. Deaths rise if the actor falls in battle. Assists rise if the actor is present during an enemy kill.

Damage Dealt
Total amount of damage dealt by the actor over the course of the game.

Damage Taken
Total amount of damage taken by the actor over the course of the game.

Healing Dealt
Total amount of healing dealt by the actor over the course of the game.

Healing Taken
Total amount of healing taken by the actor over the course of the game.

Happy RPG Making!

Happy RPG Making!

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