Battle Effects Pack 2 plugin for RPG Maker MV by Fallen Angel Olivia

Our friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, brings us yet another plugin for RPG Maker MV!

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that adds more features to battle. These new features include a new critical hit flash coloration because the previous one is a slight red glow that is easy to miss. Damage popups have the option of having rolling numbers before they land on a finalized number. This is to help players in figuring out which numbers are still new when multiple popups appear at the same time. These two options can be turned off.

New notetag effects have been added. These notetag effects include giving parameter bonuses depending on how high or low HP currently is, a damage cut function that stacks additively on global damage or on certain elemental damage, the ability to overheal past a battler’s MaxHP, MaxMP, or MaxTP, a new notetag trait to allow switching two parameters with each other, and some notetags to ease the usage of Yanfly’s Buffs & States Core counters.

The OctoPack Battler sample project is also updated with the new plugin and updates to the OTB plugin (for compatibility with Dragonbones and synchronizing turn order flashing). Please take your time to look at the new features!